The FI lesson is tailored to your personal needs. Usually, you will lie on a special table wearing comfortable clothes. With the help of gentle touches and movements, we explore the functionality of the movements together and look for new possibilities for the body to arrange itself in an improved way. The goal is to make you feel safe and relaxed.

Please wear loose, comfortable clothes and clean socks for the lesson. Plan for 60 – 75 minutes. After the FI lesson, reserve some time just for yourself. The best way how to integrate what the body has learned is by taking a walk.

Korunovační 32, Prague 7. Please ring the bell at „Studio Letná“.

Please, reserve an appointment by calling +420 607 166 473 or send me an email to

1 000 CZK/FI lesson
New clients:1 000 CZK/first 3 FI lessons